Open 1v1 Format.

The 2018 Silverback Open Championships included the Open 1v1, Open 3v3, the Open BGirl 1v1 and the Open Under 14 1v1 competitions.

The Open 1v1 was an open competition meaning anyone could enter the preliminary phase – all ages were welcome, male and female.

Sixteen competitors were selected as automatics into the Final Round of 32 – another 16 competitors qualified for the Final Round of 32 through preliminaries, tie-breakers and a Qualifying Round of 32.

In order to be eligible to compete, competitors registered with UDEF, which serves as the membership organization and sanctioning body for competitions that are part of the Pro Breaking Tour, an annual series of prize money breaking competitions hosted principally in the United States.

There was no registration fee for competitors in the Silverback Open Championships.