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Where to register to Compete in the 2018 Silverback Open Championships

The Silverback Open Championships include the Open 1v1, Open 3v3, the Open B-Girl and the Open Under 14 competitions. In order to compete, you must be a registered UDEF competitor who has completed in full his or her UDEF Competitor Profile and completed the latest version of the UDEF Competitor Agreement.

1-v-1 Open Automatics
The 1-v-1 Open is an open competition meaning anyone can enter the preliminary phase – all ages are welcome, male or female. 16 competitors will be selected as automatics into the Final 32 – another 16 competitors will qualify for the Final 32 through preliminaries and a tie-breaker. Learn More Here.

1-v-1 Open
Even if you have not qualified as an automatic, you can still compete against the best in the world.

3-v-3 Open

1-v-1 B-Girl

1-v-1 Under 14

How to register as a UDEF Tour Competitor

You can register as a UDEF Tour Competitor here.

How to update your UDEF Tour Competitor profile

You can update your UDEF Tour Competitor profile here.

1v1 Open

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3v3 Open

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1v1 B-Girl

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1v1 U14

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